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For nearly 20 years, Chief Legal Executive (CLE) has played a pivotal role in the legal community through career development initiatives that engage and mentor women attorneys and attorneys of color. Working with high-performing attorneys at some of the country’s largest law firms, CLE has earned a reputation for insightful, innovative leadership development programs and media platforms that enhance profitability and deliver career-changing results. Many of the country’s top in-house counsel at Fortune 500 companies can trace their career progression to one or more CLE-led programs. From its initial incarnation as a training and events resource for law firms, CLE has expanded to include customized leadership development programs focusing on diversity for some of the largest companies in America. From networking and training initiatives, to individualized coaching and mentoring, CLE has helped shape and influence the careers of some of the most prominent Black legal executives in the country. Now, as corporations are being challenged to operate more inclusively and law firms are working to better reflect the demands of their clients, CLE is once again on the leading edge, creating innovative platforms to serve the unique demands of the legal industry.

Lloyd M. Johnson, Jr.


Lloyd M. Johnson, Jr. is the visionary CEO and founder of Chief Legal Executive LLC and Black In-House Counsel. Johnson is a pioneering executive with a proven track record of successfully creating essential media and event platforms focusing on diversity and the legal industry.

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